Red lacquered suit-of-armour

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Red lacquered suit-of-armour with a bucket shaped cuirass and dark blue cords (tetsu shūurushinuri okegawa nimaidō gusoku).

  • A red eight-platesujikabuto-helmet with small fukigaeshi, very large gilded paper-maché kuwagata-antlers placed at the side of the helmet (wakidate kuwagata) and in front of the helmet a gilded wooden tachibana-citrus flower crest inside a water well (hiraizutsu ni tachibana mon).
  • A red chin piece facial mask (sarubō) with a three-piece gorget.
  • Six piece shoulder guards (sode).
  • Japanese mail and some red vertical plates over light coloured brocade protect the arms.
  • Two piece cuirass with horizontal laced plates (yokohagi okegawa nimaidō), at the back a hook for a flagpole (sashimono).
  • From the cuirass hang six five-piece kusazuri .
  • The large haidate that fall over the upper legs consists of nailed red karuta metal plates.
  • The suneate that protect the lower legs have red vertical metal strips.
  • In a suit-of-armour storebox (yoroibako).
  • Azuchi Momoyama Period with some later restorations.

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Ref. No. : 82001


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