Gold lacquered ōyoroi suit-of-armour with red cords

Price:  16.500,00

Gold lacquered ōyoroi suit-of-armour with red cords (hi’ito okegawa nimaidōgusoku).

  • A black lacquered sixtyfour-plate hoshikabuto-helmet with in front kuwagata-antlers
  • a small round maedate with dragon relief
  • small fukikaeshi
  • and five piece neckguards (shikoro) with red cords.
  • Large ‘old man” facial mask with separate nose piece and a black moustache (resseibō)
  • and four-piece gorget(nodowa).
  • Six piece shoulder guards (sode) and small fur covered kobire that protect the upper part of the shoulders.
  • Japanese mail with vertical metal pieces over black brocade protect the arms (sakote).
  • Gilded two piece bucket shaped cuirass with riveted horizontal plates (yokohagi okegawa nimaidō) and above laced horizontal plates (itazane) from which hang in front two red tassels and at the back hooks for a flagpole (sashimono) and one tassel.
  • From the cuirass hang below six five-piecekusazuri .
  • Large haidate with gilded nailed square metal plates protect the upper legs together with an extra set of haidate with gilded vertical plates with Japanese mail that are to be fastened to the upper legs.
  • Suneate with gilded vertical metal strips bordered with brown fur protect the lower legs.
  • With a red waistband.

In a box for a suit-of-armour decorated with a family crest in relief consisting of a rhombus(sumikirikaku ni kuginuki mon).

Edo Period.

Shipping and handling  included.

Ref. No. : 81283


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