Exceptional black lacquered suit-of-armour

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Exceptional black lacquered suit-of-armour with blue cords and a two piece bucket shaped cuirass (tetsu kuro’urushinuri okegawa nimaidō gusoku).

  • Large twenty plate hoshikabuto-helmet with large fukikaeshi with two broad neck-guards (shikoro).
  • In front small kuwagata-antlers and in the middle a large Buddhist sword-with-dragon maedate.
  • The fukikaeshi have a crest with three ‘comma’s’ turning to the left (migi mitsudomoe mon).
  • A large black facial mask with a very broad separate nose-piece and a gray moustache together with a five piece gorget.

The shoulders have seven-piece sode with blue cords.

The arm-guards show three connected tube-shaped metal pieces (sanmaidōkote) with Japanese mail over yellow brocade.

Two piece cuirass with horizontal laced plates (yokohagi okegawa nimaidō), at the back is a tube (ukezutsu)for a flagpole (sashimono) .

In front of the cuirass hang two smaller fan-shaped and two larger round shaped gilded metal pieces both with the ‘comma’ crest of the helmet and two orange tassels.

From the cuirass hang below six five-piece kusazuri .

The haidate for the protection of the upper legs consist of black vertical metal strips and Japanese mail over brocade.

Large (partly) tube-shaped dōsuneate protect the lower legs.

Edo period.
Provenance : Private collection from the family of Robert Hans van Gulik. Scientist, writer and diplomat. Ambassador in Japan for the Netherlands in Japan 1965 – 1967.

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Ref. No. : 81375


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