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Japanese Haku’an teabowl

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Hand-formed Japanese Haku’an teabowl inscribed with a text by a Zen master and covered with a light-brown glaze with a brocade cover in a box.

The inside the lid of the box has an authentication by a tea master. Haku’an was originally a Seto-type kiln active around the start of the Tokugawa Period and named after tea bowls in possession of Soya Hakuan (1569-1630), a medical doctor of the Tokugawa.

Only about ten tea bowls are regarded as genuine Hakuan tea bowls.

Bakumatsu – early Meiji Period.

Size; H. : 6 cm; D. : approx. 13 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : N2230


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