Byobu-screen with calligraphies of Chinese poems

Price:  900,00

Six-panel byobu-screen with calligraphies of Chinese poems from the Tang dynasty written in various styles.

The poems of Meng Haoran, Qian Qi, Zhang Ji, Han Yu, Liu Yuxi and Pei Yizhi are taken from the Quan Tang shu (Complete Tang Poems).

The calligraphies are signed: Shikyō and sealed: Terai, Kakuho shoshi and Yōsetsu, which attributes the screen to the Kyoto calligrapher and sinologist Terai Yōsetsu (1640-1711).

Size; H. : 173 cm, W. : 6 x 63,5 cm.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : OS1b


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