Rare set of three large hinamatsuri dolls and 1 horse

Price:  8.000,00  5.500,00

An important and rare set of three large hinamatsuri dolls and a horse by the famous Kyoto doll-maker Oki Heizo, all
three in original boxes. According to the inscriptions on the boxes the dolls were once in possession of the
infl uential Yamaguchi family and were given in June Meiji 43 (1910) for his first Boy’s Festival (also: Feast of
Flags, tango no sekku and held in May) of the oldest son of the family.
– A large black parade horse (ouma) fi tted with a brightly colored harness in a box with original Oki Heizo label.
– A doll of a kneeling fl ag-bearer (onhatamochi).
– A doll of a general (taisho) sitting on a folding-chair and completely clad in armour (yoroi) and with a
helmet with a dragon-head maedate. The plumblossom crest (umebachi mon) on the armour of the
doll seems to be the crest of the Yamaguchi-family. With a box with the names of the donators and which
contains white silk crêpe (chirimen) hanging screen (maku) and vertical banners (nobori) depicting the
plum-blossom crest and a helmet decorated with irises on a stand (6x).

Base (x6). H.: 69 cm (without helmet), L. : approx. 52 cm

Shipping and handling  included.

Ref. No. : 21250


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