Short Japanese sword

Price:  2.200,00

Short Japanese sword (Shinshinto wakizashi) with a black lacquered scabbard (Koshirae) and a kurigata with a cord.

The slightly bent (shinogizukuri) blade has one sharp side and a faintly visible undulating hamon-line (notarehamon), a messing habaki (blade collar and scabbard wedge) and a grip with one menugi-ana (pinhole) and ending in a iriyama-shaped nakagoshiri (point).

The sword has a tsuba (handguard) decorated with a relief of an old man resting; the fuchi-ring
or handle collar and kashira-sword ending are also black lacquered.

The pin of the hilt is missing and the hilt can easily be removed.

The hilt is from shagreen (stingray skin) with a black cord wrapped around; the gilded menuki (decorative grip swells) is not
very visible but seems to show a shishi-lion.

The sword comes with  a brocade cover.

(The grip is not signed).

Late Edo Period.

Detailed description:

Blade :

Original Tang (ubu-nakago). Unsigned (Mumei). Shape : Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune.
Length (Nagasa) : 58 cm, sori : 1,4 cm.
Length handle (Nagako): 10,8 cm.

Jitetsu (Texture of the steel) :
Hamon : Gunome-midare with togari-ba Hamon.
Tip (Boshi) : Straight, small turn back (Suguha, Komaru).
Tang (Nakago) : Original (Ubu).
File mark (Yasurime) : Kiri-yasuri.
Peg hole (Mekugi-ana) : 1
Shape of the end of tang (Nakago-jiri) : Iriyama-gata. Habaki : gold plated on copper.
The blade is made in early 19th century.

Mounting (Koshirae) :
Black urushi-lacquer scabbard wakizashi mounting (Kuro-urushi-nuri saya wakizashi koshirae).
Scabberd (Saya) : Black Urushi lacquer.
Fuchi : Stone nished surface (Ishime-ji ) made from Shakudo.
Kashira : black horn.
Menuki : gold plated on copper (Kin-iroe).
Binding with black silk on white ray skin (same-gawa). Tsuba : country mountain view motif (Sansui), copper inlayed on iron.
Late 19th century.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 61153


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