Partly gilded samurai suit-of-armour

Price:  10.500,00

Partly gilded suit-of-armour with indigo and light green cords and a two-piece cuirass (kon moegi’ito okegawa nimaidō tōsei gusoku).

  • A plain six plate sujibachikabuto-helmet, its gilded fukikaeshi and its brim (mabisashi) show a wrinkled fūmon-pattern. The helmet has in front an almost round gilded metal crest with an upside down heart-shaped cut-out as maedate.
  • Three neck-guards (shikoro), the lower one decorated with a dark red lacquered irregular koko-pattern.
  • A facial mask covers the jaws and chin (sarubō), the lower part of the three-piece gorget (nodowa) is also dark red lacquered.
  • Seven-piece sode with light green cords protect the shoulders.
  • The arm-guards are covered with Japanese mail (gusarigote).
  • The two-piece bucket shaped cuirass has in front an embossed cloud (okegawadō rurisaidô), and is decorated with a gilded fūmon-pattern and dark red koko-pattern lacquered borders.
  • The cuirass shows in front above a small crest with two commas (migifutatsudomoe mon) and has at the back hooks to support a banner or flag.
  • The six kusazuri consist of Japanese mail over dark fabric and the cuisses (haidate) of dark red-brown lacquered metal oak leaf-shaped plates laced with blue cords.
  • The lower legs are protected with greaves with black lacquered vertical metal strips (shinosuneate).
  • With a plain waistband.
  • In a portable store-box decorated with a gilded Japanese apricot flower crest (kagaumebachi mon).

Mid – Edo Period.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 72394


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