ōyoroi-style samurai suit-of-armour

Price:  13.000,00

An important partly gilded ōyoroi-style suit-of-armour with orange cords (kin’urushinuri odoshi yoroi).

  • A thirty-two piece sujibachikabuto-helmet with large fukikaeshi with a small diamond shaped crest (yotsuwaribishi mon) of warlord Takeda Shingen over decorative ‘smoked leather’ and large kuwagata-antlers.
  • Four-piece large neck- guards (shikoro).
  • A black facial mask with separate nose piece (resseibō) with a five piece gorget (nodowa).
  • Seven-piece shoulder-guards with orange cords (sode).
  • The arm-guards are completely covered with small gilded metal strips and Japanese mail over brocade (koshinokote).
  • A two-piece bucket shaped gilded cuirass with horizontal metal strips laced with orange cords (kirizuke kozanedō) and at the back a large orange tassel.
  • From the cuirass hang six five-piece kusazuri.
  • The cuisses (haidate) have gilded metal strips (above) and squares (below) with Japanese mail over brocade.
  • The greaves have gilded vertical metal strips and mail (shinosuneate).
  • In a box for a suit-of-armour (yoroibako).

Edo Period.

Shipping and handling not included.

Ref. No. : 72336


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